Is Non Vegetarian Diet Safe During Pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, soon-to-be mothers take extra care in their diet as it directly reflects on the health and development of the baby. Although the nutrient supplements are enough, it is necessary to keep track of what you consume in order to have a safe pregnancy. Most pregnant women have a predominant question on their mind: Is it safe to include non vegetarian food in the diet during pregnancy?

The answer is yes! Non vegetarian foods are loaded with proteins and also have vitamins and mineral. Here are few tips to achieve complete benefits of non vegetarian food while you’re pregnant:

  • Chicken has the lowest level of fat and rich in protein with 9 essential amino acids and vitamins. As the fat content is low, this leanest protein source is best preferred during pregnancy. It promotes metabolism and build up energy in the body; a cup of cooked chicken serves up to 87% of the protein requirement in a day.
  • Egg whites are also a rich source of protein and can be consumed every day for good health during the 9 months of gestation period. It is good to have baked or scrambled eggs to avoid any health issues; make sure they are properly cooked.
  • Turkey and lamb are also considered as a good source of nutrients required for pregnant women. Have turkey sandwich or toast in minimum quantity and have vegetables along with them for a balanced diet.
  • Fish is filled with omega 3 fatty acids which is much required for pregnant women. It is advisable to avoid fishes with high mercury content like King Mackerel, shrimp, shark, sword fish and excessive tuna.
  • Pregnant women can have warm chicken soup, snacks like fish finger, chicken nuggets etc., if it is difficult to eat normal meals due to morning sickness.
  • As meat produces heat, try to balance the meals with vegetables and fruits. Also take tender coconut to cool your body.
  • Do not have uncooked or undercooked food as it may cause bacterial infection. It is also good to avoid red meat to some extent. You should strictly avoid sushi and raw eggs.
  • Avoid spicy non vegetarian dishes and prefer healthy homemade foods.


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