“I feel as a newborn”, says Cancer Survivor David after stem cell transplant

Cancer Survivor David

David Matasar a branch manager at HP celebrates his 65th birthday but feels as if his life has just begun. In October 2017, David was infused with stem cells as a treatment for mantle cell lymphoma. After this episode, David calls himself only as a 1-year-old because of the gift of his renewed life.

David discovered a growth near in his groin, troubled about its presence David got his tests done. The mass was verified as stage 2 cancer and was expanding into his abdominal area. Panic struck David reached out to his friend Dr Mark Kozloff, a noted oncologist at the UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial.

Dr Mark suggested David to go for a PET Scan and concluded the diagnosis. Then David was told to start his course of chemotherapy immediately and then count of stem cell therapy when his PET Scan was clear. David was an ideal patient for this course of treatment, as he was physically fit with his regular habits of playing golf and tennis.

Chemotherapy was intended to vanquish all the cancerous cells in the lymph nodes and then stem cell therapy was aimed at rebooting of the new set of cells into David’s system. As planned David had 4 courses of chemotherapy and it took off well. But during the fifth course, David was devastated. He suffered from mouth sores, pain, renal compromise, lack of appetite and so on. David and his wife Lori kept up their faith and fought back the struggle. Finally, the PET showed a clear image and David was all set for his stem cell transplant.

David had one hundred questions in his mind, he kept reading, but the doctor remained calm. David also showed a slight symptom of irregular heartbeat. He turned to his family to cope with rough days. The family was also equally supportive.

Finally, the transplant day arrived and the matched stem cells traced with a series of hardship was infused into David along antihistamine dose which made him drowsy during the infusion. David was sent home and these new living cells pumped in were doing its magic and he slowly started to witness improvement.

David was prescribed a lot of supplements and his caregiver began to witness a lot of progress in his vitals. David when getting one of his routine shots told his family feels like I’ve been reborn and I am getting my vaccinations.

Use of stem cells in blood-related disorders is a proven fact and to get a stem cell therapy done during a crisis as such just requires matching units of stem cells. If you have made a wise decision of preserving your baby’s stem cells at a community stem cell bank, such crisis can be handled without much hassle.



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