How to protect your kids from the viral suicide games like “Blue Whale”

blue whale game

With the serial episode of suicides worldwide, through the viral online game of “Blue Whale”, Unicef- India has sketched a list of precautionary measures to keep your kids safe online. By adhering to these tips below you can shield your kids from indulging in such destructive digital jinxes.

Here are the tested and formulated tips by Unicef-India to shield your kids

  1. Educate your child about the game and the consequences of the game with clarity. By now, most children know what “Blue Whale challenge” is but the media hype and ignorance of it can cause unnecessary frenzy about the game, drawing kids towards it.
  2. Make all devices child protective with parental controls. Let your child access only age-appropriate online sites. Curb your kid from all sites that promote unethical behavior or violence.
  3. Place your internet accessible gadgets in a common place, where all adults can supervise. Make sure all of you can view what the kid is viewing or playing with
  4. Take time to talk to your child about your child’s likes and dislikes online. Explore the online space together with your child.
  5. Every parent has to be a model to their child, so be conscious of your online activities. Divert the child from continuous online activities and involve them in more vibrant outdoor activities. As the saying goes, monkey sees, monkey do, same goes with children.
  6. Seek the help of the other elders in the house to supervise your child in your absence.
  7. Learn and keep yourself updated with all the recent internet phenomena, to keep a track
  8. Observe your child’s behavior closely, if you feel that your child is moody, interacting less or behaving unusually, talk to the child and consult a child psychologist immediately
  9. If you find your child is already playing “Blue Whale” game, don’t react. Cease all the online devices from your child immediately. Take the child to the psychologist and get your child counseled on a regular basis.
  10. Seek the help of the police authority and safeguard your family and follow the next set of safety measures.

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