How to Choose the Right Maternity Hospital?

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When you are pregnant, spend some time in choosing the right maternity hospital that provides comfort and care during and after labour. There are many maternity hospitals and nursing homes available, so it is necessary to begin your search well in advance. If you can find a hospital that suits your expectations and budget then you can have a relaxed childbirth without any complaints.

Some of the pointers to keep in mind while choosing a maternity hospital:

  1. Are you comfortable with your OB-GYN? In few initial meetings, you will know if your gynecologist can be patient enough to hear your problems and provide response. Make sure that your gynecologist can come and attend your delivery regardless of time and place; choose the hospital based on the availability of your gynecologist or obstetrician.
  2. If you have a risky pregnancy then your obstetrician must be able to handle complex deliveries. Check for the doctor’s credential and see if the hospital has facilities to back up any last minute complications.
  3. Ask if there is a Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and adult ICU to be sure to handle any unforeseen medical conditions for the baby or the mother post delivery.
  4. Convenience is the key so check for the hospital’s proximity to your home. If your house is close to the hospital, it will be easy for your caretakers to provide everything for you and your baby on time.
  5. Do a little research about the hospital, attending doctors and the nursing team to decide. You can ask an opinion among your friends and relatives; even online pregnancy forums help you get a review about maternity hospitals.
  6. Check if they allow birthing partners inside as most hospitals do not. If you want your husband to be with you for support during delivery, then you should confirm it with the hospital well in advance.
  7. If you have enrolled for stem cell banking, it is important to check if they allow the paramedic to come and collect the samples inside the labour room. Consult it with your doctor before booking the hospital room.
  8. See if the hospital has in-house or on-call pediatricians to check the baby post delivery. Also ensure whether they will allow the mother and baby to stay in the same hospital room in case of normal delivery.
  9. Check the availability of nurses, AC room, cleaning staffs etc. Some hospitals do not allow attendants to stay so ask whether they will allow your mother and husband to stay with you after the delivery.
  10. Ask for an approximate quote for the medical charges and see if it matches with your budget. Try to allocate additional funds to cover unexpected expenses. If the hospital quote is beyond your budget, take a wise decision of choosing a hospital that fits your financial arrangement.


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