How cord blood stem cells helped Chris to win over an aggressive cancer

chris win over cancer

Chris Lihosit, who was diagnosed with a progressive bone marrow cancer was successfully made cancer free through cord blood transplant. If you intend to know more about preserving your baby’s precious stem cells which would otherwise be discarded as medical waste, click:

Chris, a software professional was hit by flu during the summer of his 43rd birthday. The symptoms, however, included severe exhaustion, dehydration, and a mysterious fever. The episode recurred again after a couple of weeks in a disturbing fashion as a midweek chill and disappeared again on Monday morning. Chris’ stamina was soon dwindling that even taking his dogs for a walk was laborious for him.Chris was otherwise quite a healthy person, who could hike and patrol through the woods effortlessly, carrying a 32-kilogram backpack.

Soon he also realized something was really wrong with him. Chris felt symptoms like heart murmur and on investigation the doctors suspected it to be endocarditis. After infusion of a stream of antibiotics for the endocarditis, the doctors learned that he was severely anemic. There were also blasts cells seen in the smear. Blast cells in the blood generally indicate the coming horde of leukemia.

Gradually the doctors broke the news of AML ( Acute Progressive Myeloma) to Chris. After an array of tests including a biopsy, the diagnosis was conclusive. On detection there awaited 3 shockers for Chris, 1. Nearly 80% of the bone marrow cells were cancerous 2. Chemotherapy wouldn’t be completely effective for this type of progressive leukemia.3.Genetic tests revealed that his cancer cells carried only one copy of chromosome 21.

After several disturbing symptoms during Chemotherapy, Chris’ second round of bone marrow biopsy showed no detectable Leukemic cells. However, the doctors cautioned Chris that without a bone marrow transplant the cancerous cells can return again.

The hunt for an ideal bone marrow donor was propelled and worldwide there was just one donor who matched Chris’ genetic tags. Unfortunately, even that person was unable to donate. So the only resort left was umbilical cord blood transplants. Umbilical cord blood stem cells extracted from the umbilical cord considered as a medical waste of the child at birth is rich in hematopoietic stem cells. These stem cells give rise to every type of blood cells. These cells are collected when the baby is born and cryopreserved for future use. After a super strong dose of radiation and chemotherapy after all the traces of affected bone marrow cells were wiped off, Chris was due to be infused with cord blood stem cells from 2 little twin baby girls called Amelia and Olivia Chris nicknamed the two girls as A-negative and O-positive. He was also amazed by the way how these new stem cells reseeded his bone marrow and rebuilt his entire blood and immune system. In less than 3 weeks after the infusion, the neutrophils fully engrafted the bone marrow and enabled Chris to win the fight. Chris progressed rapidly and was fit to leave the hospital

Around the 97th day, Chris and his family celebrated the hard-fought victory over Leukemia as he was officially declared cancer-free: a successful leukemia survivor.



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