Guessing the sex of your baby? Here’s what works & what does not

guessing sex

In India, gender determination of the child through any medical investigation is considered an offense. This law is enforced due to widely prevalent prenatal medical termination of the female fetus. However, there are numerous colorfully netted myths that supposedly help expectant parents to know if they are having a boy or a girl. Here’s what really works basis proven scientific studies.

Myth # 1: If your baby bump hangs low you are having a boy & if your belly is high then it’s a girl

Fact: The position of your bump completely depends on the tone of the abdominal musculature.The shape of your body and the amount of weight you gain also decides on the position of the bump. Thus, the high or low bump has nothing to do with your baby’s gender

Myth # 2: If the heartbeat of the baby is more than 140 bpm, it should be girl

Fact: This theory of gender detection is partially true, because studies published in 1999 show just before delivery the heartbeat of a female baby happens to be slightly faster than that of a male baby.

Myth # 3: A pregnant mom that craves sweets is having a boy

Fact: Under no context is this belief  true,  most expectant women crave sweets and ice-creams. The sensitivity to smell intensifies during pregnancy. The sweet aroma of the pleasant flavors allure them to it.

Myth # 4: Too much of morning sickness means a girl

Fact: This assumption cannot be ignored. This is because, during pregnancy female babies generally release more amounts of HCG hormones into the mother’s blood,  thereby inducing morning sickness in mothers.

Myth # 5: Chinese Lunar calendar and mother’s age decides on the gender of the baby

Fact: Chinese Lunar calendar is a 700 year old artifact that many women swear by. It might have some hidden scientific scoops associated with it. A canadian research published claims that Chinese Lunar Calendar is not 100% accurate but might show a 50-50 chance of the gender of the child.

Myth # 6: If the mother’s skin glows, it is a girl

Fact: It is widely believed that a glow on the face denotes  a baby girl,. Mostly the glowing skin is spotted in pregnant women around the second trimester.  During this phase, morning sickness ends and the mother begins to eat well, which improves the blood circulation  and there is a general feeling of well being. This belief has nothing to do with the sex of the baby

The truth about the gender of the baby

The only way to be 80-90% precise about the sex of the baby is through an Ultrasound Scan. This scan when done between the 18-20th week of pregnancy can give the gender of the baby. But in India revealing the gender before the baby’s birth is illegal, so ideally any expectant parent in India should enjoy the suspense on knowing the gender of their little bundle joy till it arrives. To be 100% precise a DNA test on the mother’s blood can give the gender of the baby but this would involve a high cost and is only commercially done to detect a chromosomal abnormality.


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