Good News! Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Help in Tackling Autism


Despite the well- known fact that clinical trials are underway for the treatment of Autism, the good news of improvement seen on recipients bring excitement amidst the medical fraternity.

This report captures a unique compilation of real life stories of little children, who were treated with stem cells for Autism and the phenomenal progressed that followed.

Success Story:1

Just 6 months after 8-year-old Arni Goodman received an umbilical cord stem cell transplant at the Panama City Clinic, the boy showed wonderful sequel of progress. Much to everyone’s surprise, the little one coped with the treatment extremely well. His mom Clara Goodman said, he was able to read simple words, answer simple questions and also strike a meaningful dialogue with his parents. She also said emotionally that they were getting their “Ari” back and the hope that anything is possible.

This treatment is not approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to be used on Autistic children in the U.S, thus the family had to travel all the way to Panama City for the treatment. The FDA is still in its process of exploring the treatment outcome in its study that commenced using umbilical cord stem cells for children with autism and the scientific community hopes that its long-term venture would dawn with a positive note.The official website of the stem cell Institute at Panama wrote, applauds the goodness of stem cells in the successful treatment of autism, but this did not necessarily include just umbilical cord stem cells. The parents of the kids who received stem cell infusions had stated that they had received great improvements to their quality of life.

Success story: 2

Another family that shared their story along with the Goodmans were the Kelleys. Kenneth Kelley began his stem cell treatment in 2009 at the age of 8 nearly five years after the diagnosis of severe autism. It was a scary state, Kenneth used to scream a lot, antagonize his younger sister and his mother wanted him to be moved to an institution as he was highly unmanageable.Now after six stem cell transplants, Kenneth reads and behaves decently. His speech impediment is his only concern, for now, his you-tube video of recovery begins with the angry scream of a 2-year-old and ends with a charming little boy shopping at a local grocery and pleasantly thanking the clerk for playing a board game with him.

Success Story: 3

Another heart-warming story is that of Amanda Fannonn’s son, Evan who was 3 years-old, when he was diagnosed with autism. He was also extremely hyperactive now after his stem cell transplant at Panama City, he is assessed only as a moderately autistic child and his mother said that his speech impairment had also grossly reduced.

Thus, with all the hope and great testimonials obtained from the parents of children who have undergone stem cell transplants for autism, the clinical acceptance of stem cell transplant for autism would indeed be the most exciting breakthrough in science.



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