For how long can my baby’s stem cells be preserved?

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One of the biggest questions that expectant parents who are looking to preserve their child’s stem cells have is, ‘How long can cord blood stem cells be preserved?’

Efficient cell recovery on long term storage of haematopoietic stem cells have been demonstrated at 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and recently 23.5 years post cryopreservation of stem cells.

According to Hal E.Broxmeyer, PhD, Indiana University School of Medicine, these cell recoveries have been demonstrated in laboratory settings. It may however take some time for clinical studies to demonstrate the viability of stem cells from long-term storage that were established in the laboratory.

In the article, he also mentions that based on the studies conducted in the laboratory, it is likely that cord blood stem cells can be preserved for decades and be used for transplantations. Read Full Text Here

In 2011, an autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplant was carried out on a then 43 year old man having follicular lymphoma. He was diagnosed with the condition in year 1989 when he was 21. Following initial treatment that achieved complete remission, his bone marrow was cryo-preserved for subsequent infusion if required. When the patient relapsed, his cryo-preserved bone marrow was assessed after 21 years from the time of preservation. The sample showed no change in the quality of the cells. The patient was then successfully treated using the sample.

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