Foods & Beverages to Avoid during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time to cherish and stay healthy for the baby that is solely dependent on you. When you are pregnant, it is necessary to be cautious on your diet as your weight gain and smooth labour depends on the food intake. Here is a checklist of foods and beverages to avoid during pregnancy:

Fish with high mercury

All the fish varieties that are high in mercury should be avoided as they might be poisonous to the baby. The mercury high fishes include sword fish, king Mackerel, shell fish, shrimp, shark, white and golden snapper etc. Sushi is best avoided during pregnancy as it is a raw sea food.

Raw & Undercooked Eggs

Raw and undercooked eggs may contain Salmonella bacteria which lead to food poisoning. Even Caesar salad should be avoided as it contains raw egg. Consume fully cooked egg for good health during pregnancy.

Raw Unpasteurized MilkDuring pregnancy, avoid non homogenized or unpasteurized milk to reduce the risk of various medical conditions like meningitis, preterm delivery or still birth. Coffee and Green Tea

Intake of coffee and green tea in excess during the gestation period will cause pregnancy discomforts. Even if you love coffee, try to reduce it slowly and stop it eventually. Pregnant women having more than 2 cups of coffee every day were found to have low weight babies.

Caffeinated Beverages

Avoid beverages that are high in caffeine such as coke, colas, red bull etc. it is also crucial to give up alcohol as it has serious effects on the newborn. As soon as you plan for a baby, give up alcohol consumption completely to avoid adverse medical conditions.

Maida (All purpose flour)

Maida is the non fibrous byproduct of wheat which will interfere with the process of digestion, so it is better to avoid any food made of maida during pregnancy. Some of the maida food includes cakes, puffs, bakery products etc.

Overeating of Chocolate

Dark chocolate is good but chocolates with caffeine should be avoided or reduced. If you crave for chocolates, have one or two in a month or eat dark chocolates.


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