First time Pregnancy? Things to Know about Antenatal Classes

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Labour and Childbirth
First time Pregnancy? Things to Know about Antenatal Classes

The joy of pregnancy will be immense for every expectant mother but it can be little scary, if this is your first pregnancy. These mixed emotions are quite common in pregnant women and can be handled by understanding pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Ante natal class – a latest trend catching up in India which helps the pregnant women to prepare for pregnancy, labour and parenthood.

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes focus on preparing the expectant mother and the partner to face late pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenting. It also helps the couple to understand the options involved in child birth, role of father in labour, birth and parenting etc. Apart from the tips and techniques, expectant mothers also receive diet plans, yoga classes or fitness exercises for easy delivery. These classes are mainly conducted by child birth educators along with gynecologists, prenatal fitness experts, yoga practitioners etc.

Benefits of Antenatal Classes

  • It is useful for women who are pregnant for the first time as these classes help to understand the processes and options involved in labour, child birth etc.
  • Pregnant women can maintain their ideal weight and stay healthy through diet planning and tips to tackle pregnancy symptoms.
  • Helps to prepare your body and mind for child birth through yoga, prenatal workout sessions etc.
  • These classes explain the role of fathers in pregnancy, birth and parenting which will help the couple to bond better.
  • Pregnant women can confidently face labour and childbirth.

What to expect in Antenatal classes?

The content of the class varies from to another but they generally explain about the below:

  • Growth and development of the baby
  • Health and body changes observed in the expectant mother.
  • Breathing techniques, massage skills and tips to handle labour.
  • Interventions such as epidural, induction of labour etc.
  • Process of giving birth and options like normal and caesarean delivery etc.
  • Pelvic floor exercises, health workouts, yoga classes etc.
  • Relaxation techniques and stress relieving lifestyle changes.
  • Breast feeding and nutrition of the baby after birth.
  • Fathers’ role in pregnancy and parenting.
  • Emotions and depression during and after pregnancy.


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