Finding matching donor stem cells made easier with Community Stem Cell Banking

Community Stem Cell Banking

A man of astounding power Whitt Clement, former delegate of Danville General Assembly was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Observing his dwindling platelet count over the span of years, Clement suspected something was grossly wrong with him. He hastened his way to the haematologist and after getting a bone marrow biopsy for himself, he was sure of his health status. Had he not taken the effort to see a haematologist, the illness could turn symptomatic within days.  The only way out was to tackle the condition with a stem cell transplant. The toughest part about stem cell transplant was not the transplant itself but the uncertainty of finding a perfect matching donor. Fortunately, in Clement’s case, his sibling’s stem cells met all the criteria required for the transplant. In stem cell transplants, it is important to find the closest HLA match when it comes to unrelated donor stem cells in order for the recipient’s body to tolerate foreign cells.

Multiple Leukemia is not completely curable, however, stem cell transplant could delay its return by offering a patient a temporary phase of remission. In the case of  Clement, he was in his 7 ½ year tenure of disease-free saga. Whereas, in conditions such as Lymphoma, Leukemia and sickle cell patients also enjoyed the wholeness of cure. Thus, Clement rationalizes a situation if he hadn’t found a matching stem cell unit from his sibling, he claims his life would have been engulfed by the deadly enemy by now. A registry or a bank that offers access to unrelated donor stem cells would really a boon. This is exactly what LifeCell Community Stem Cell Banking extends to you. A huge stem cell pool is created with unrelated stem cells and any member of the community can draw a matching unit during desperate need.

All you have to do to be a part of the community bank is to preserve your baby’s stem cells at birth with  LifeCell’s community stem cell bank. This wise decision can extend the protection of stem cells to your entire family including the child, sibling of the child, parents, and grandparents as well. Thus, despite the lack of facilities to preserve our own stem cells in earlier times, now the privilege of community banking brings all of us into the protective shield of stem cells.



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