Duties of Dad-to-be during Pregnancy and Labour

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It is a common misconception that pregnancy and childbirth is mother’s job and dads-to-be has nothing to do. In reality, it is a shared responsibility as the daddy-to-be has plenty of work to do. Usually, most husbands want to help and support their spouse during pregnancy and labour but unaware of the responsibilities. Here’s a list of duties for the daddies during the nine months of pregnancy and labour:

  • Listen to your wife’s concerns, doubts, fears and emotional changes and support her. She should be comfortable to vent out her worries and anxieties to the person she trusts. You can also share your fears about pregnancy and parenthood. Do not say ‘relax’ or ‘stop worrying’ when she shares her concerns; instead understand her and try to help her deal with them.
  •  Lend your hand in the household chores more than often especially in the first and third trimester. Offer your share of chores before she asks you; this is one way of supporting and being there for your wife during pregnancy.
  • Read and collect information about pregnancy and parenting to make informed decisions and handle unexpected situations during labour and childbirth. You can read books, browse pregnancy websites, consult the gynecologist and talk to your friends who have babies to understand better.
  • Arrange for a prenatal photo shoot to relieve her stress and enjoy motherhood. This will also help her cherish the memories of pregnancy and baby bump.
  • Prepare for the D-day (day of delivery) –Keep your hospital bag ready with clothes, phone, charger, ipod, magazines or books to read, snacks etc. It is important to keep the car ready and know the hospital route. Most first time pregnancies take hours in the labour room, so be prepared to wait patiently and support your wife.
  • Stay calm and help your wife during labour even if she gets anxious or freaks out due to the prolonged labour pain. During labour, most women may not be able to talk for themselves; it is important to talk for your wife if it becomes uneasy for her to understand what’s happening. Be firm and ask for explanations if any intervention is made at the last minute.
  • Most important duty of a husband is to stay with the mother and ensure that everything will be fine. During long labour hours, walk with her or play a board game if she wants to. Be cool and help her during contractions and stay with her after child birth.


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