Common Myths about Pregnancy

Prenatal genetic

We Indians generally show a special penchant towards superstition and speculation. Pregnancy is a phase when women draw a lot of attention from family and even strangers. Everybody has something to say or contribute as advice for the moms- to-be. Even day-to-day routines are addressed with such mixed opinions, keeping an expectant mom puzzled on what to do. Here are few frequent myths, that would demand a better understanding of the pregnant women.

Myth # 1 Eclipses are harmful to pregnant women

Fact: There are common myths such as pregnant women should not go out during an eclipse. It is even believed that they shouldn’t eat, use sharp objects, cook or even take bath during an eclipse as this can cause deformities in a child. Not all of this is true, as only viewing an eclipse with a naked eye is ideally not good for anybody including a pregnant woman. So avoiding to look at an eclipse directly is all the precaution that a mom-to-be must take.

Myth # 2 Watching a Lunar eclipse can cause cleft palates in kids

Fact: During a Lunar eclipse a mother is asked to carry a safety pin or some piece of metal as the eclipse can damage of the child’s face. Though this sounds like a scary myth, the truth is cleft palate has nothing to do with the planetary alignment. The facial developmental of the fetus is completely decided by the genetic and environmental factors.

Myth # 3 Dying of hair is harmful to the baby

Fact: Certain permanent coloring agents are harmful to the child.  A woman who is expecting a baby can use semi-permanent coloring agents, which are not absorbed by the skin. Minimally invasive coloring agents do not cause any harm to the child. The safest ones to use are natural colorants such as henna during pregnancy.

Myth # 4 Pregnant women should not bathe in hot water

Fact: Yes, if the water is too hot, it is not safe for the pregnant women. Lukewarm water is always safe. So before stepping into the bathing tub, it is good for the woman to check the temperature of the water before soaking herself. It is also better to avoid boiling sauna and steam. Especially, if the woman has signs of vaginal bleeding or membrane rupture, it is best not to soak in hot water.

Myth # 5 The first baby always arrives late

Fact: The first baby has a 15-16% chance of being born late, compared to a 9 or 10 percent chance for other babies.Generally, most babies are born in the 39th week of pregnancy. Yet, studies show that first babies are born early at the 37th week or even earlier.

Myth # 6 Having sex induces labor

Fact: Orgasm helps in stimulating the womb and triggers labor due to the release of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone helps in inducing contractions. Semen helps in softening the mouth of the cervix and initiates labor.

Myth # 7 If your mother has an easy pregnancy the daughter will have it too

Fact: This myth is absolutely untrue as every woman has a different pattern in which the labor begins. If the style of eating and other environmental factors are similar, there could be an overlap of symptoms.


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