Check how a loving father expresses his gratitude to people who saved his son’s life on Father’s Day!

fathers day

Chris Fay’s son Noah was diagnosed with a rare condition called Chronic Granulomatous Disease. The traumatic episode of finding a match of cord blood stem cells for his son and transplant made the loving father devotes his entire life to convince new mothers to preserve or donate their baby’s stem cells at birth.

Chris and Sarah were shattered when their 6 year-old son Noah was diagnosed with Chronic Granulomatous Disease, a immune disorder that affects only 6 in a million people. Post diagnosis the child’s health started to fail badly and the doctor forewarned that Noah might not cross the age of 30 with the condition. The only way out in this scenario was to get a stem cell transplant and to replace the faulty cells with fresh and nascent cord blood stem cells.

Fortunately, Noah was able to find a matching cord blood unit with the assistance of a Charity organization and the transplant was done successfully. The fresh umbilical cord stem cells infused into Noah gradually engrafted and his health started to improve.

The fascinated father wanted to give back to the people who offered charity for his son’s transplant. He quit his job as a teacher and began to work for the same charity organisation as a member who convinces new mother’s to donate or preserve their baby’s stem cells.

This was a remarkable gift that he wanted to bestow on all the people who supported him through the journey on this father’s day. The director of the charity organisation also welcomed him warmly into this noble initiative. With this new career change, Chris is not only helping many families in need by educating new parents to donate or preserve their baby’s cord blood stem cells but also spending a lot of quality time with his son.

Chris says, he has begun to realize the real meaning of life and how spending time with your loved ones really matter.

If you are an expecting mom or dad reading this or if any of your friends or relatives are expecting a baby, you can do this nobel mission as Chris, to spread the news of preserving their baby’s stem cells for future use at birth. To know more:



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