Cerebral Palsy and Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell studies

In India, 2 out of thousand live births have cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy is caused by brain injury in infants due to shortage of oxygen supply at the time of birth. Other causes include prenatal anaemia, infections, premature birth and improper nutrition.

Stem cell therapy for treatment of cerebral palsy is being considered extensively world-wide.

Duke University’s Clinical Trial on Cerebral Palsy has shown success in the case of Adriana a 5 year old from Italy.

Prior to the treatment Adriana could not talk and also suffered from a muscle condition known as dystonia because of which she could not walk or even sit without support.

Her parents had preserved her umbilical cord stem cells at the time of her birth. At the trial, Adriana was given two infusions of her own stem cells within a gap of 6 months. After the first infusion itself, Adriana was able to talk. The MRI done one year after the first infusion showed that her cerebral lesion had disappeared. Now the little child has to train to every day in order to recover completely from dystonia.

Did you know? LifeCell has released three of its preserved units to the respective families for their participation in this trial.


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