Breastfeeding Helps Kids Grow Smarter and Richer

breastfeeding journey

Labour and Childbirth
After child birth, elders, physicians, pediatricians and child birth educators advise new mums to breastfeed their newborns for the health and development of the babies. Now, scientists from Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil also advise breastfeeding for newborns based on their 30 years of research.

According to the research, babies who are breast-fed for at least 12 months or more will have higher IQ power and could earn better when they grow up compared to bottle-fed babies. The research was conducted on 3500 infants for 30 years to conclude the above study results. Breastfeeding is believed to set the children in a right path to success. The research also revealed that the kids who were breast-fed for one year or more scored an average of 4 IQ points higher than the kids who were breast-fed for less than one month. After 30 years, they have earned 20% more than the national average; it will approximately come to an extra earning of £200,000 for a lifetime (40 years of career).

This study proves that prolonged breastfeeding increases the intelligence up to 30 years and also has an impact on an individual’s earning ability and educational accomplishments. So, if you are planning to breastfeed your child, go for it and continue for the wellbeing of your child.

5 Other Benefits of Breastfeeding


  • Breastfeeding is known to strengthen the immune system of your baby as the mother passes antibodies to her child during nursing.
  • It helps to avoid diarrhea which is three to four times more likely to occur in bottle-bed infants.
  • Breastfeeding also helps to reduce the likelihood of ear infection, respiratory illness and sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Breast-fed babies have fewer chances of dental cavity formation throughout their lives.
  • Breastfeeding also protects the child from allergies like eczema.


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