Best Tips to Handle Pregnancy Food Craving

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Pregnancy is a delightful experience for the expectant mothers and the physical changes that occur during this period happens for all the right reasons. Among various physical and emotional changes experienced by pregnant women, food craving plays a vital role. Many scientists believe that food craving during pregnancy is a sign of nutrition deficiency while others think that the hormones trigger these cravings. Either way, it is crucial to listen to your body’s needs and change to a healthy and a nutritious diet. It is said that 3 out of 4 pregnant women crave for wacky food, so you are not alone. The below tips are general and helps to handle your food craving but it is necessary to check with your physician about the dietary intakes:

  • Eat magnesium rich food like whole grain, greens like spinach, nuts, beans etc., which can control your craving for chocolates.
  • Craving for red meat may be controlled by taking protein rich food.
  • Do not skip your breakfast- the important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast can maintain the blood sugar level, thereby reducing your food cravings.
  • Having dark chocolate or ice cream once in a while is acceptable but it is necessary to keep track of the intake amount.
  • If you crave for high calorie chips, try alternate choices like popcorn that serves a good source of fiber, baked chips or a handful of pistachios.
  • Postponement is a better remedy. Try to postpone your cravings by drinking water and wait for ten minutes; your craving might pass or you might feel satisfied.


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