Benefits of Organic Food for the Expectant Mothers

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The concept of ‘organic food’ might sound so western for most Indians and you may not give importance to it but organic vegetation is an old traditional concept for agricultural countries like India. The organic food includes vegetables, fruits and meat produced, handled and processed without the use of pesticides, weed killers, chemical fertilizers, genetic modification, hormones, radiation and antibiotics. The natural way of growing vegetables in farm or garden contributes to healthy organic food.

Why is it important?

  • As the chemicals and pesticides were sprayed on the plants, they grow and absorb these chemicals which may be harmful to the expectant mother and the baby.
  • The naturally produced food items are much healthier and deliver all the nutrients when compared to the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • The growth hormones sprayed on the growing plants are not good for human consumption and pregnant women and their unborn babies are vulnerable to its effects.

Ways to eat healthy
There are many shops in India, providing organic vegetables and fruits.  Apart from these, you can try other means:

  • The naturally available brown rice and wheat are perfect organic foods which are rich in essential nutrients. You can also change to organic chicken and eggs instead of broiler eggs and meat.
  • Try organic gardening in your house. You can use your terrace or even balcony if space is a constraint for creating a home garden. You can try simple veggies like tomatoes, potatoes, brinjal, carrots, green leafy vegetables etc. Did you know that simple gardening everyday for 20 minutes can relieve stress?
  • If you can’t change to organic food completely, at least try some of the basic organic food items like home grown vegetables and greens, milk, butter, cheese, eggs, fruits and meat. This will serve you with essential nutrients required during pregnancy.
  • If the organic veggies are expensive for your budget, try normal homemade healthy food instead of stacked and frozen ready to make food items. This way, you and your child can stay healthy during pregnancy.


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