A desperate dad pleads a matching stem cell donor for his 8-year-old struggling with a rare blood disorder

desperate dad

Chloe Gray was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA) that causes bone marrow failure. The condition requires a blood transfusion every 4 weeks because patients with this condition will not be able to synthesis red blood cell properly. The shattered father of Chloe requested donors to come forward and save his daughter since, unfortunately none of the siblings’ stem cells matched her.

Craig, the father of the 8-year-old on this Father’s day raised out a plea to people to join the stem cell donor registry in the hope of finding a match. The 34-year-old father said, it is so frustrating to see his daughter struggling with recurrent infections at the hospital. It is so tough for the family as well, so the best gift he can give his daughter on this Father’s Day is a stem cell transplant which can help her recover to the fullest of health.

Since, none of the stem cells of the people at home was genetically apt a match for Chloe, they were dependent on an absolute stranger for donation. Matching stem cells from peripheral blood of an adult or a matching cord blood unit from a newborn is what we need for the transplant, said the father.

Time was running out rapidly and Chloe’s health was also dwindling swiftly. But the hope for finding a match was not to be seen. However, this blood disorder needed regular blood transfusions and Chloe also began to fight liver cirrhosis. The cirrhosis was caused by repeated transfusions and excess iron overload.

The entire family registered their stem cells to save others in need and the father went out to save another Australian women with Leukemia but his daughter was left in lurch without a match.

With the hope someone would ever come forward and donate Chloe’s dad left a plea saying “You could be a lifesaver for Chloe or someone who urgently needs a matching donor.”Please register. Having read this article, I am sure you’d understand how preserving or donating a baby’s stem cells can have an impact on saving a life. So, if you are an expectant parent or someone in your kin is expecting a baby, please let them know that their baby’s stem cells if preserved at birth can be a life-saver. To know more: https://www.lifecell.in/where-and-how-stem-cells-are-used#where-SC-found



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