8 tips for working moms to nurture kids well


Balancing work and kids is never easy. A working mom should make a well sculpted daily schedule for herself to balance both home and work effectively. Apart from this, few other things a working mom must do to optimize her work and home are listed below:

  1. Sleep early: Planning well, finishing all the chores on time and sleeping before 11pm at nights is very important to have a bright and early morning. As a working mom you and your kids should train yourselves never to procrastinate the time you hit off to the bed at nights.
  2. Eat healthy: The health of the entire family will get completely compromised if the mother leads an unhealthy eating pattern. A mother who eats healthy food will remain hale and healthy to take good care of her children and also be productive at work.
  3. Exercise or play a game with your kids: As a working mother even if you can’t allot a specific time for you to exercise, you and your kids can go for a walk every night. Another best thing you can do is to play a game of shuttle every evening after work, this will make you fit and equipped enough to handle stress.
  4. Talk with your kids: Everyday after you get back from work, make sure you talk to your kids about their day at least for 15 mins. Getting to understand, what’s happening in your kid’s life will save you from a lot of uninvited surprises.
  5. Spend less screen time: If you want to manage your time prudently you should plan your screen time efficiently. Spending unproductive hours in-front of the TV or digital gadgets will have a drastic effect on your sleeping hours and the time you spend with your family and friends.
  6. Limit work within office hours: Plan your working hours efficiently and try to finish most of work within office hours. If you have any spillover obligations try to complete them during your travel, so that you don’t compromise on your family time.
  7. Plan your holidays: When you feel extremely stressed and worn out, remember to take a break and sketch a good travel plan along with your family to ease off the burn out and resume back to work with energy.
    Get up early: Make sure you catch up enough rest by sleeping early to wake up early. Waking up early will give you a longer day to juggle your essentials at home and work.
  8. Life as a career mom, managing a home with kids is no doubt a herculean task, but an organized life which is well disciplined will enable a woman to make it happy and exciting. A career mom has her own set of positives like constant updation, increased threshold to cope with stress and economic independence to provide for her family. Though the time she spends with her kids is limited, if she channelizes it in a resourceful way, by spending quality time with them, eventually even the kids will understand that their mom is doing everything to give them the best possible life to her life. Yes, most kids opt for quality over quantity.


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