8 Reasons Why You Will Miss Your Pregnant Body?

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Are you pregnant and thinking when all the hassle gets over? In the third trimester, most pregnant women want to skip to the Labour Day and have the little baby on their hands but unfortunately, each day in the last few weeks seem to be never ending. However, the three trimesters are equally filled with ups and downs so here are the reasons why you should cherish this time and love your pregnant body.

  1. You have got the perfect reason to look and act messy. Be in your sweatpants all day, eat peanut butter from the bottle, take nice long naps or excuse from chores on a long tired day, nobody will ask you. You have the answer- your growing bump.
  2. Freedom from the monthly visitor for almost 3/4th of the year. It is a great feeling not to have periods for 9 whole months and never worry about stomach cramps or stacking sanitary pads.
  3. Your bump will help you appear perfect in a maxi dress. Yes! You can rock in maxi, wrap skirts, long A line tunics etc., as your growing tummy gives a proper shape and also keep you comfortable.
  4. You have got all the time to try your favourite hobbies. Being pregnant has its perks like medical leave from work and enjoying some leisure activity till the baby is born.
  5. Most women feel that sex during pregnancy is better. Let your romantic side take over so that you can have some intimate time with your spouse and experience best sex during pregnancy.
  6. Another reason to browse amazon, ebay and other online shopping sites for buying new clothes. Try buying pregnancy clothes from the second trimester as the whole body enlarges from that time period. Look for comfort over style or price to buy the right clothes.
  7. Time for expensive spa sessions. During pregnancy, you can opt for pregnancy spa package which involves massages, pedicures and saloon service that suits the pregnant woman so it is safe to opt for pregnancy spa service.
  8. Over a period of time, every pregnant woman bonds with the growing bump; let it be talking to the baby, checking the growth of the bump or feeling the baby movement inside can make you fall in love with your bump. After childbirth, you are going to miss that cute bump so create enough selfie memories with your tummy.

Do you have more reasons to fall in love with your pregnancy tummy? Let us hear it on the comment box.


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