7 tips to prep your toddler for the new baby


Are you having another baby? It is exciting to be a mother for the second, third or any number of times because it is a wonderful experience to have a life growing inside you. You might be confident to become a mother for another time but is your toddler ready to face the new baby sibling sharing his mother’s love?

Here are some of the tips to help you prepare your toddler to get along with the new member in the family:

  • Some kids get attached to their baby siblings as soon as they are born but some will take time to get used to the change so it is advisable to let your toddler know that he/she is going to have a new sibling in few months. You can also show pictures of pregnant women and explain that your belly will also grow bigger as the baby grows inside.
  • Introduce the concept of ‘sharing’ to your little one. Initially, this might be new for your toddler but this will prepare him to face the changes when the baby arrives. Encourage and appreciate your child when he shares or does anything that resembles sharing. Try to offer him food while you are eating and he will also start sharing. The same will continue with the sibling too.
  • Let your toddler know well in advance that you and daddy can’t spend all the time with him. You can help him learn to perform small things on his own like handling the toys, drinking water, washing the hands etc. This way, your toddler doesn’t need you all the time but ensure that you are not expecting more from your toddler than what he can handle.
  • Include your little one when the baby arrives. You can tell your toddler that the both of you should take care of the little brother or sister. This will encourage your first child to bond with the baby. You can include your toddler while buying baby products for the newborn.
  • You can tell your toddler that he/she is the big brother or big sister for the newborn and the toddler should take care of the baby. This will encourage the elder ones to be protective of their younger siblings.
  • Do not make drastic changes in your toddler’s life like enrolling in day care or forcing to potty train etc., as soon as the baby arrives. Start thing slowly and avoid major changes in his life. Try to keep his regular routine in place as much as possible.
  • Make sure you spend one on one time with your toddler after the baby is born. Give importance to both, so that the toddler will not feel lonely or left out. While buying something for the newborn, you can also get something for the toddler too.


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