7 Tips to Handle Nausea


Nausea is one of the common pregnancy discomforts faced by mothers-to-be in their first trimester as a part of morning sickness. Nausea is characterized by uneasy sensation in the upper stomach with an urge to vomit. Mostly, nausea is accompanied by vomiting but sometimes the uneasiness is experienced with dizziness and head ache too. This symptom makes it difficult for pregnant women to hold food in their tummy and causes nutrition deficiency. As there are no medications available, it is necessary to control nausea through some lifestyle changes.

Track your nausea

Although nausea is caused by the reaction of various pregnancy hormones and acid reflux, it might also be triggered by external stimuli. Keep a track on the nausea by timing and frequency to identify the cause, it may be due to the smell of caffeine, neighbours cooking or the iron supplement you’re taking. If you find the cause, then it becomes simple to control it.

Break your meal and eat regularly

By now, you would’ve heard this quite a lot but this is an effective technique. Break your heavy meals in to 4-5 smaller meals for easy digestion and to control acid reflux, thereby controlling nausea. It is also important to eat regularly to maintain the acid base level in the stomach which controls nausea.

Try foods that soothe your stomach

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman and hence there is no hard and fast rule in foods that works during pregnancy. General snacks such as crackers, dry fruits and nuts, smoothies, cereals, ice tea, popsicles etc., have better effects against vomiting and nausea.

Sniff refreshing scents

As you stay away from the smell of coffee, nail polish and strong perfumes, try to indulge in the scent of fresh citrus fruits or any other refreshing scents. This will help you overcome nausea.

Carry a survival pouch

The products in the survival pouch will help you tackle nausea and vomiting. Some of the products that you can include are: lemon spray, mouth freshener, water bottle, mint or soar candies, paper tissues, paper bag etc., in case of unavoidable circumstances.

Distract your thoughts

Not just the symptoms, even the thought of nausea and morning sickness stays with you throughout the day which will affect your eating habits. Try to distract yourself with work, take a walk, play a game or chat with friends. These activities will also clear your mind and relieve from stress.

Ditch your work for a day

If you feel tired to get up from the bed or even open your eyes due to dizziness and body ache, take a day off from work. The best way to cope with pregnancy discomforts is to listen to your body and take sufficient rest. As your body works extra hard during the pregnancy days, it is necessary to give some rest for rejuvenation.


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