7 tips for pregnant women to stay comfortable at work


Working while pregnant is little challenging and people often advise the soon-to-be mothers to be careful at work. Working women do not have the comfort of home but with these simple tips, one can stay calm and comfy even in the office.

  • Most pregnant women experience nausea which cannot be avoided. Try taking ginger tea and as well as enough water to avoid dehydration. Stay away from the brewing coffee in the cafeterias which tend to cause nauseated feeling. Do not forget to carry paper towels and mouth wash.
  • Try to stand up, stretch and walk every couple of hours to avoid stiffness and body pain due to sitting in the same posture. Try to walk even if it is around the office which will also refresh you from the routine office hours.
  • Utilize a part of your lunch break for taking naps which will relieve you from fatigue. Try to schedule your challenging tasks as first thing in the morning which will give you adequate time to relax when you are tired.
  • Be cautious about your sitting posture as it is very crucial. If you have back pain, try using a cushion pillow in the chair to support your back. If the legs are swollen, rest your feet on an elevated support.
  • Most experts advise not to take coffee as the caffeine is not good for the baby. You can try ginger tea or green tea along with plenty of water.
  • Break your heave meal pattern to 5 small meals a day which can include fruits and vegetables. Try taking breaks in between work to keep your stress under control. You can also try meditation to calm the nerves and rejuvenate your mind.
  • Always keep your emergency contact numbers in your workstation as a precautionary measure. Most importantly, keep your mind fresh and avoid negative thoughts.


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