7 Secrets for Having a Natural Childbirth


When you’re pregnant, you might make decisions for the welfare of your baby but it is also important to understand the different options available for childbirth and chose the one that suits you. Some women opt for epidural, while others may go for natural child birth or c-section which depends on the physical and emotional conditions of the mother.

Natural childbirth implies a non-medicated birth by letting natural process of labour take its course without any intervention. However, natural birth option requires some research and preparation to face delivery without fear. If you are planning for a natural childbirth, here are some tips to have your baby born through natural delivery:

  1. During natural birth of the baby, it is important to relax throughout the labour because stress only makes the labour pain worse. Use all the breathing practise you had during antenatal classes and yoga sessions to relax your body. It is better to practise breathing well before delivery date.
  2. Let your spouse or birth partner practises back and body massages as it will come in handy during natural childbirth. Massaging the back is good and reassuring for pregnant women who have decided to go into labour without epidural.
  3. Ask if your obstetrician can let you use a birthing ball during labour because the bouncing movements of the ball can help to relieve your leg cramps and reduce abdomen pain.
  4. Changing your position during labour can help in easier delivery with less pain. Some women prefer walking and some may choose to stand or sit on one side. Walking in general, helps to speed up the dilation of cervix, thereby reducing pain during delivery.
  5. Water birth is another great option which lessens the need for drugs during natural birth. Either a shower or a specially designed bathing tub with warm water can be relaxing for the tired muscles and reduces pain.
  6. Look for cool or heat compress bags which can be kept in a refrigerator or a microwave. The heat and coolness can loosen up the tight muscles and revitalize your body to handle labour.
  7. Labour position plays an important role in the natural delivery process so practise various labour positions like squatting, dangle, side lying position etc. This will help in less pain during normal childbirth.

Have a supportive birthing partner as it will give you the confidence to opt for a delivery without any medical interventions or pain killers. However, opting for natural birth also depends on your health and state of the pregnancy, so consult your gynaecologist about the decision and then go ahead with it.


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