7 Best Ways to Get More Sleep During Pregnancy

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7 Best Ways to Get More Sleep During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers feel tired and sleep more in the first trimester but when pregnancy progresses, it is difficult to snooze due to shortness of breath, back ache, leg cramps, change in sleep position etc. To get a good night sleep without the help of medication, try to alter your lifestyle a little. Here are some of the tips that can help you sleep better during pregnancy:

  1. Break your meals

Do not take heavy meals before bedtime because it tends to cause heartburn and nausea. Have small, frequent bland meals 4-5 times a day to have proper digestion. Avoid caffeinated drinks, oily and spicy foods, alcohol etc., from the first trimester. These small changes will improve your sleep pattern during pregnancy.

  1. Avoid exercise in the evening

Staying active throughout the day keeps you fit and prepare you for labour but it is best to avoid exercises in the evening. Wake up early morning and spend 30-40 minutes on your workout regime and try walking in the afternoon after meals. If you workout in the evening, it will disrupt your sleep schedule so avoid it before bedtime.

  1. Try better sleep positions

Sleep positions during pregnancy play a crucial role in controlling everyday sleep. You might be advised to sleep on your left as it avoids pressure on the uterus, improves blood circulation and increases blood flow to the developing baby. As your bump develops, you may experience shortness of breath so if you lie on your left, it will help you get undisturbed sleep through the night. You can also ask your medical practitioner for other safe and best sleep positions during pregnancy.

  1. Use pregnancy body pillow

There are full length body pillows designed especially for providing comfort to pregnant women. This will also relieve your pain on the upper and lower back, neck, thighs and legs. You can also use extra pillows for your leg and back, if you do not prefer body pillow. When you have relief from body ache due to comfortable sleep positions, you can have a sound sleep even in the third trimester.

  1. Get the room ready

Keep your room clean and properly ventilated to have a refreshing feel. Let your bed remains spotless and clean with comfortable cotton sheets in summer. Maintain a temperature which isn’t too cold or hot and make sure you turn off the lights before you go to sleep.

  1. Use bed only for sleeping

Bed should be used only for sex and sleeping. Do not browse your laptop or read magazine on the bed. If you are not sleepy, move to the couch or a comfortable chair and when you feel sleepy, enter the room. Avoid watching late night television and do not engage in long phone conversations as they will distract you from your sleep routine.

  1. Follow relaxation techniques

Relax your mind and body to get right amount of sleep required during pregnancy. The relaxation techniques include meditation, prenatal body massages, deep breathing, yoga, stretches, a warm shower before bed etc. This will help you get quality sleep during all three trimesters of pregnancy.


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