6 Tips to Stay Fashionable during Pregnancy


For most women, pregnancy reminds them of covering a beach ball like belly with baggy unattractive clothes. Unless we stay in a foreign nation or have offshore relatives, there is likely less chances of wearing clothes that compliments the pregnancy bump. Although there are specific online stores offering maternity clothes, exclusive for pregnant women, they are either expensive or designer collections which are not suitable for everyday wear.

Most expectant mothers wear loose salwar kameez or saree throughout the pregnancy as there aren’t many options that fall within the shopping budget. You can change this repelling thought of pregnancy fashion with the below tips:

Raid your wardrobe for loose clothes:

As pregnancy progresses, check your wardrobe for tunics or kurtis that are loose near the hip region. You can match them with stretchable pants or jeggings. Wrap skirts and baggy trousers are also perfect choice for the first 2 trimesters. Shop for pregnancy specific clothes only when your belly shows up.

Look out for the next size:

Along with the belly weight, most pregnant women gain overall body weight but you don’t have to choose plus size clothes, instead try the next size or 2 sizes larger. This way, you won’t look fat or round till the mid phase of your pregnancy.

Shop for pregnancy formals:

Usually, the pregnancy trousers have a stretchable band in the hip region, made of spandex material which will adapt to your growing belly. You can also try formal dress, specially designed for pregnant women with adjustable belt or rope which will give a proper fit.

Opt for convenient Indian wear:

If you are comfortable with Indian ethnic wears, go ahead with them. Fashion is all about being comfortable with what we wear, so look out for kurtis and kurtas with A-line cut or front pleats. Match them with baggy Patiala pants or chudidhars to complete the chic look.

Saree is not your enemy:

If you are comfortable carrying yourself in a saree, then it can be the perfect attire while you are pregnant. Saree brings class, comfort and style along with proper fitting although most women think saree is not comfortable during pregnancy. You can confidently choose saree over an evening gown, if you know how to drape it properly.

Stoles & Shrugs save the day:

If you think your pregnancy clothes are dull and boring, give them new life with stoles as they can create multiple fashion statements as well as cover your growing belly to some extent. Long shrugs can be worn over stretchable camisoles that provide comfort and style.

Do you have any idea for pregnancy clothing? Share your fashion mantra in the comments section for all the mums-to-be out there.


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