6 Tips to Plan for a Perfect Babymoon

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A baby in the family brings more changes, responsibilities and sleepless nights for a while. Pregnancy is not just the time for the baby to prepare for survival but also the right time for parents to get on board and take up parenthood responsibilities. Often, couples feel stress and emotional issues during pregnancy which can be easily avoided.  Try having a proper communication with your partner and plan for a short getaway like babymoon.

A babymoon can be fun, relaxing and improves emotional bonding with your spouse. Take time from work and plan a soothing and exciting babymoon with the below tips:

2nd Trimester is the Right Time

Morning sickness and fatigue may ruin your idea of a fun trip in the first trimester while growing belly, cramps, back pain and your health condition might not allow you to enjoy the refreshing outdoors in the third trimester . Thus, second trimester is the best time to opt for a fulfilled and relaxing babymoon trip.

Avoid a Long Journey

How you spend your babymoon is important than where you spend it. Visit a place that doesn’t involve long hours of travelling as it will make you exhausted. If you’re planning for a far away destination, take a flight to limit the journey time. A road trip may sound exciting but you need to make a pitstop every 2 hours to relax.

Have Medical Help in Reach

Planning a babymoon in a less crowded outdoors is good but it is important to have medical support nearby. Avoid remote locations or sea travel if there is no medical practitioner available. It is also important to consult your gynecologist about the location if you are in a risky pregnancy group.

Choose Serene Ambience

The purpose of babymoon is to have some time for you and your spouse as couple. Choose a location with serene and pleasant environment to soothe your mood. Resorts offering exclusive babymoon packages, sea cruise etc., are a good option to consider.

Lookout for Comfort

When you book a hotel or a resort, check for spa service, king sized bedroom, well lighted and ventilated room, 24 hours room service, availability of proper food or buffet etc., to have a relaxing weekend away from everyday stress. Try not to rush for sightseeing; instead try to take your time to talk, share and cherish the happiness of being soon-to-be parents.

Travel bags Checklist

After travelling, you may need a good shower and nap to relax. Do not forget to pack your comfortable clothes, personal and bathroom accessories, extra pillows for support and comfort, healthy snacks etc. Carrying your official work in the form of laptop or tablet will not do any good for the trip, so avoid it and relax.


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