6 Tips to Buy the Right Maternity Bra

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6 Tips to Buy the Right Maternity Bra

One of the early signs of pregnancy is change in breasts that includes tenderness, enlargement of breast size and darkening of the nipples. Thus, it is necessary to include maternity bra in your pregnancy shopping list. Here are some tips to help you choose the right maternity bra and avoid expensive mistakes:

Right time to buy<

There is no specific time period to change to maternity bras. When the old bra seems uncomfortable, change to maternity bras; most women experience difference in their breast size between weeks 10 and 12. As your breast size changes, you should change your bra to have comfort and support.

Look for support

Check for wide straps, under-bust band and firm elastic straps to provide support for the enlarging breasts. There should be at least 3-4 back eyes in maternity bra and it should fit the first hook so it can be adjusted as your ribcage widens.

Comfort is the key

Buy cotton bras as your body may easily get hot during pregnancy. Cotton non wired bras are the right choice to provide comfort especially in tropical countries like India. Look for the ones that provide complete coverage without any spill over on the sides.

Finding the right size

Let professional bra-fitter help you choose the right fitting bra. It is necessary to change the size during the third trimester as the breast enlarges in size and changes in shape. A perfect fit will have the centre seam lying flat against the breast bone and the back strap doesn’t move up.

Common Fitting Mistakes

If the back band is riding up, it is too loose so try a smaller size. If the straps leave marks on your body, it may be due to smaller cup size or tight band; try to loosen the strap or go for a bigger cup size. If the breast spills on the sides or bulges at the bottom then choose a bigger cup size. If the underwire digs on the sides or not comfortable under the breasts, try a different cup size, preferably larger.

Sleeping bra

Sleep bras provide support, natural lift and reduce back pain during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Mostly, maternity sleep bras are made up of soft natural fabric to provide gentle support and comfort at night. They will also come in handy post pregnancy.


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