6 Remedies to Dental Problems during Pregnancy


During pregnancy, you are prone to dental ailments due to hormonal action, plaque formation, lack of proper oral care etc. You may experience bleeding gum as the progesterone hormone softens the gum and the plaque formed between the teeth worsen the condition. Here are some remedies to help you maintain your dental health:

  1. Do not skip your regular dental checkup because you are pregnant. Let your dentist know about your health and other medications which will help him/her to treat you based on it.
  2. Try to avoid dental x-rays when you are pregnant. If the x-ray is unavoidable then let your dentist know about your pregnancy so that he/she will take utmost care of you and your baby’s health.
  3. Switch to a softer toothbrush and gum strengthening toothpaste (fluoride toothpaste) to avoid bleeding gums and tooth decay. Brush at least twice a day. It is important to brush and floss regularly to avoid germ buildup in the mouth.
  4. Reflux and vomiting in the first trimester tend to affect the tooth enamel which in turn increases the risk of tooth decay. Avoid brushing while your teeth are covered with stomach acid as the rigorous action of the toothbrush may damage the tooth enamel. Try mouthwash to clean the mouth after throwing up.
  5. When pregnant women brush the molar teeth, they may experience retching. Do not avoid brushing due to the nausea feeling as it may cause tooth decay. Use a smaller toothbrush, distract your mind by listening to  music or change the toothpaste brand.
  6. Pregnancy craving may also contribute to dental problems. Some crave for a sugary diet which causes tooth decay so try low sugar foods or rinse your mouth after having sweets.


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