6 Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

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Serving a healthy breakfast for your child each day has a host of benefits. It fuels your kid efficiently for a busy day. Kids and teens who eat a healthy breakfast have more energy, perform better at school and are less irritable. Researchers say kids who eat breakfast regularly go for healthier foods throughout the day than breakfast-skippers who crave for high sugars and fatty foods. Since breakfast plays such a key role in a kid’s life, we want to give moms some easy and healthy ideas for breakfast.

Oatmeal/Muesli with fruits and nuts: Pick coarse steel cut oats or a whole grain breakfast cereal. In case of oatmeal, boil it with water for 7-8 minutes with a pinch of salt and cinnamon powder. Add a cup of milk and drizzle lavish amounts of honey to the cooked oatmeal and muesli bowl. Serve them to your kids with dry fruits/nuts/tangy berries of your choice.

Avocado smoothie: Buy ripe avocados, scoop the pulp of the fruit into the blender, add honey to taste and a cup of milk. Blend the ingredients together and your rich avocado smoothie is ready to be served for your kid. If your kid is lactose intolerant use almond or coconut milk as an alternative to milk. Avocado is rich in good fats and good fats are essential for your kid’s skin, brain development, and eyesight.You can also use other fruits such as banana or strawberry as well. 

Egg preparations: You can make a whole lot of egg preparations such as scrambled eggs, omelet, boiled eggs etc. Egg is the richest source of protein and vitamin E and comes with a whole lot of goodness for your kids. You can serve the eggs with a couple of whole wheat toasts and some cheese as well.

Sauteed’ Poha: Soak beaten rice in water and keep it aside. Chop onions and assorted veggies and saute’ it with a normal Indian seasoning of your choice. Add finely chopped coriander and curry leaves as well. Give a finishing touch by adding the soaked poha into the wok and stir it well. This is an ideal way to make your kids eat a variety of vegetables.

Whole-wheat pasta: Stir fry onions, a variety of veggies chopped finely and tomatoes in a teaspoon of oil. Add a few dry chili flakes and salt to taste to the mixture. Now the blanched whole wheat pasta can be added to the wok and sauteed. Grate cheese as a topping before your serve. This dish will offer your kids a range of nutrition from the veggies, sufficient carbohydrates from the pasta and enough protein from the cheese.

Sandwich: Last but not the least, here comes the easiest and the most favored breakfast for kids. These are simple tips through which you can make your stapled sandwiches more nutritious. Opt for whole-wheat bread over the normal maida bread which has zero nutritive value. Go for peanut butter over margarine or normal butter to set a curb on saturated fats. Load sandwiches sumptuously with veggies to fill your kid’s diet with vitamins.

Children who consume a healthy breakfast are linked with better memory and concentration.It also causes healthy habits in kids and kick-starts your child’s metabolism for the day. So if you intend on growing healthier kids, incorporate the above-listed power breakfast choices into your kid’s routine.


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