5-Yr Old Jay Receives Brother’s Umbilical Cord Stem Cell For Brain Damage Treatment

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In the UK, five-year-old Jay Shetty will undergo stem cell therapy using his baby brother’s umbilical cord stem cells stored in a private stem cell bank to treat brain damage. Doctors believe that stem cell treatment can improve Jay’s health condition and he may finally be able to hug his mother for the first time.

Jay suffered brain damage soon after birth and is severely affected with the symptoms. He lives with his mother Shilpa, father Raj and baby brother Kairav. Jay requires everyday treatment such as massaging his muscles to avoid spasticity and physiotherapy. Jay’s parents used to take him to a medical rehabilitation center in Poland, several times a year to have intensive physiotherapy sessions. Jay has never been able to play with his baby brother or parents due to the severity of this medical condition.

Stem Cell Therapy For Brain Damage

Generally, this treatment requires an infusion of one’s own umbilical cord stem cells which are preserved at the time of birth through stem cell banking and later used for the treatment. The first umbilical cord stem cell transplant was performed ten years ago for a child suffering from cerebral palsy. Stem cell clinical trials show positive outcomes for brain-related medical conditions such as Cerebral palsy.

As Jay’s stem cells were not preserved at the time of his birth, the doctors suggested his baby brother’s stem cells for the transplant. Doctors mentioned that there is only 25% chance that Kairav’s stem cells could be a 100% match for his brother. When tested, they found his stem cells to be a match for Jay. This treatment will be carried out in Dukes University, North Carolina and this will be the first treatment in the world using sibling’s umbilical cord stem cells for Jay’s medical condition.

Shilpa said that the family is delighted that Jay has been accepted for this research study.  This study could potentially improve the lives of millions of children affected by brain damage and related medical conditions.


Ref: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/678978/Stem-cell-transplant-boy-hope

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