5 Smart Grocery Shopping Tips for Pregnant Women

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Prenatal Shopping
Being pregnant is a delightful responsibility and it requires: taking care of your body for the sake of the baby. Eating healthy diet begins with choosing the right food item while you go for grocery shopping. The pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headaches, heart burn etc., might interfere with your grocery shopping spirits and you may end up having takeaways from food joints or reheating yesterday’s leftovers. Quit unhealthy food habits and resolve to better diet through these 5 tips for smart grocery shopping:

Prepare a list

With pregnancy brain, your memory might go fuzzy, so prepare a list and stick to it. Include necessary healthy ingredients required for your diet and plan ahead for the ingredients that might get over in few days to avoid frequent visit to the departmental store. Don’t get carried away by those tempting junk food, try to focus and stick to the list because everything you need is already included in the list.

Choose the right time

Try to avoid grocery shopping on weekends since all departmental stores are crowded with long queues at the cash counter. Choose weekdays to have a relaxed and quick shopping without waiting in the queue. If it is not crowded, even the store people can attend to your needs without time constraint. If you are working, then opt for evenings after work to buy groceries without any hassle.

Go green, go fresh

Avoid processed food and pick the natural and fresh ingredients for better health. Processed food lacks most of the nutrients and vitamins and also added preservatives are often harmful. Buy fresh fruits, vegetables and meat instead of frozen and canned food items.

Read the labels

Cultivate the habit of reading the labels, every time you shop.  Keep a check on the expiry dates, ingredients used, fat content etc. Picking a bread pack based on the brown colour might lead you into buying a normal one instead of whole wheat bread. So next time, remember to check the labels to buy the right ingredient.

Explore your options

You can always switch to a healthier food option when you go for grocery shopping. This time, you may try that pack of green tea, light cooking olive oil or the organic food items available. Consult your doctor about healthy eating and add more of such healthy ingredients in your shopping cart.


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