Knock knock! It’s your monthly visitor!!

monthly visitor

You cry without a reason. You vent out raw anger at your available victim – be it your son, the maid or your husband; you feel cranky, irritable, weepy, drained of energy. Add to that dull headaches, abdominal pain and cramps. PMS. That monthly syndrome that signals the arrival of our monthly pal.

Here are some tips to manage PMS.

Husbands, do your bit. For starters, grin and bear it. She may yell, weep, and blame you for everything that goes wrong. Know that it will pass, and she doesn’t really mean it. Don’t defend, argue or explain.>

Do pitch in with little chores around the house. Load the washing machine, take the kids out, do the dishes. Whatever you do, please ask. And reserve your two pence on how things are done, for later. Silence – That is the golden rule! Leave her alone. All she probably wants is to curl in the couch and watch a mindless flick. Let her be. Please do not hang around.

Ladies, here’s your share:

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, too much sugar, salt, fizzy drinks, cookies, candy, etc. Load up on fresh vegetables and fruits. Take your fill on whole wheat bread/ pasta, oats. Your body needs plenty of nutrients.

Make a note of your last period. The first day is day 1. Watch out for PMS symptoms ten days ahead. And ask yourself –“is it really that bad, or is it just PMS?” Awareness goes a long way in arresting drastic behavioral patterns.

Never stop exercising. Swimming, aerobics and cardio are known to uplift moods. Yoga and meditation will calm your frenzied nerves.

Some vitamins and minerals that appear to be helpful are B-6, calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E.

Once it’s over, you are bound to feel silly about yourself. Of course it’s not your fault. Blame it on the hormones!!


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