12 Reasons why is it great to have another baby?

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Comfort During Pregnancy
Taking care of babies and toddlers might seem overwhelming but the joy of having them around is the best feeling that a mother can have. Some pregnant women might worry about having another baby in the late 30s or 40s thinking about the risks of late pregnancy; here are some of the amazing reasons to have another baby:

  • This time, you are financially settled and have better experience in parenthood which will help you handle any unexpected situation during labour, child birth and taking care of the baby.
  • The excitement in the face of your toddler when he/she see the baby for the first time.
  • Looking at the old nursery items & baby clothes and remembering your first kid as a tiny infant.
  • Going through baby websites and books all over again to enjoy the fun of picking a name for the baby.
  • Having a better knowledge of pregnancy care, labour signs and the confidence of being a better parent.
  • Hearing your first child proudly introduces the baby to everybody as his brother or sister.
  • Knowing that your children will take care of each other and be best friends.
  • Seeing how they get along with a special bond between them and entertain each other.
  • Knowing that your kids will not feel alone when they grow up.
  • Having a routine already, you don’t have to worry about experimenting new parenting methods; instead follow the existing one.
  • Seeing how the baby brings out the protective and caring side of your first child.
  • Feeling that the new member in the house completes the family.


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