12 fun things to do while you are pregnant

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Pregnancy is not just throwing up and walking with a ball-like belly, it is also the time to cherish and make good memories to get through some of the rough times of pregnancy and motherhood. It is a good time to enjoy the privileges of being a mum-to-be.

Here’s a list of 12 fun things you can do to enjoy pregnancy and have beautiful memories for life. Did you make your ‘pregnancy bucket list’ yet?

  • Spend some time with your mom. You can take her out for lunch or dinner and talk about pregnancy and parenting. It is a chance to get good pregnancy wisdom and perfect tips to be a better parent.
  • Plan your babymoon with your spouse. It can be a resort near your city or a place far away from home. Babymoon is a trip to engage, relieve stress and emotionally connect with your partner.
  • Continue your favourite workout sessions to relieve all the stress from work. Make sure you do not overdo or strain your muscles; instead go ahead with prenatal workouts recommended for pregnant women. How about trying water-aerobics?
  • Learn something new with your girl friends and have a good time. It can be a one day workshop to learn pottery, baking, knitting, jewelry making or just a day out to visit the museum or going for a movie. The key is to have a memorable day with your girl friends.
  • Write a letter to your baby. It can be in a funny way expressing your affection and care; just let your baby knows how much you love her even before she was born. You can also write a series of letters, one per month to keep the fun extended. Give the letters when he/she is old enough to understand and cherish them.
  • Track the growth of your bump. This can be a fun project where you can take a photo of your bump every week and prepare a scrap book. You can view this later and cherish it for a lifetime.
  • It is safe to have sex during second trimester so do not worry about your intimacy with your spouse. However, it is important to consult your gynecologist, if there are any pregnancy risks.
  • Indulge in the awesomeness of dark chocolate melting in your mouth with rich cocoa. Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is considered to be healthy and good for pregnant mums, so do check the amount of cocoa present.
  • Going to the parlour becomes rare in the second and third trimester so throw a house party by bringing home the saloon service. Invite your friends and ask a beautician who can come on house calls. This is also a fun idea for your baby shower.
  • Opt for a professional maternity photo shoot; you will not regret the cost. Maternity photo shoots will make you look beautiful in spite of all the pregnancy discomforts. When you miss your baby bump, you can always check these photos.
  • Pregnancy comes with its perks – shopping. You can buy maternity wear and also something more to have fun. It can be shoes, clutches, jewelry or designer wears to pamper yourself.
  • Prepare financially to take care of the baby expenses. Planning ahead can help you find better options. Check your maternity leave at work, hospital and nursery expenses, insurance cover etc.


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