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lifecell difference

On International Parents Day, LifeCell celebrated a glorious milestone – the successful preservation of 100,000 private umbilical cord blood units.

From bringing a path-breaking technology into the world’s largest birth country to becoming one among the top 3 stem cell banks globally in terms of new customer additions, the journey has been enthralling.

LifeCell’s umbilical cord stem blood cell units preservation milestones

2004 – First unit

2008 – 10000 units

2012 –50000 units

2014 – 100000 units

Through the years LifeCell has pioneered many service innovations to provide the best care for the preserved stem cell units, including express shipment of samples, dual storage of units and stem cell asset insurance. LifeCell dedicates this milestone to every parent who has entrusted us with the care of their child’s precious stem cells.


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