10 Effective Tips for Good Sleep during Pregnancy

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Most pregnant mothers are less likely to experience good sleep every day. During pregnancy, insomnia or disturbed sleep pattern is quite normal along with stress and anxiety. Here are some tips to help you get some quality sleep:

Minimize daytime sleeping hours

It is good to take 30 or 60 minutes nap during daytime but do not exceed the sleep hours as it may interfere with the night time sleep pattern.

Reduce emotional stress

Physical and emotional stress tends to affect the sleep pattern of pregnant women. Indulge yourself in stress free activities such as reading,simple gardening, meditation or even 20 minutes walk.

Exercise regularly

Simple yoga or light cardiac exercises in the mornings are good. Have a workout regime to regularize your day time activities.

Do not work out late

Working out in the evening will affect your good night sleep so, keep your brisk workout schedule for the early part of the day and avoid evenings.

Use more Pillows

Doctors may prescribe avoiding pillows for your head but it is good for your back and tummy to provide extra comfort and support. A pillow between the legs will ease your back and encourage sleeping on the side. You can also try wedge shaped or full length body pillow for a better sleep experience.

Relaxation techniques before bedtime

The relaxation techniques such as massage, stretching, yoga, deep breathing, warm shower etc., are proven to relieve stress, anxiety and improve sleep.

Make a bedtime schedule

Chart your every day sleep routine and create a comfortable bedtime routine, giving importance to night time sleep. Stick to the schedule no matter how tempting it is to take a nap in the evenings.

Create a pleasant environment

Make sure the bed is always clean and properly ventilated. Keep the windows open during day time for enough natural light and air to enter the room. You can have candles and dim light in the night to create a pleasant environment for uninterrupted sleep.

Snooze on your left side

The position relieves pressure exerted by the growing uterus and help in better blood flow for the baby. Practicing to sleep on the left side during early pregnancy will help you sleep better when your belly is bigger.

Leave the bed

If you do not feel sleepy, get out of the bed and move to another room; try music or read magazines till you feel drowsy. Use your bed only for sleeping as this will improve your sleeping pattern.


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