Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Treatment Of Autism

Research On Treatment Of Autism Using Cord Blood Yields Promising Results

Duke University, US, a pioneer in Autism research and treatment using cord blood stem cells have established a success in the treatment of a...
Stem improve your health

Stem cells can improve your health as you age

Aging is inevitable in humans. As years go by, we all age and parts of the body that worked well earlier don’t function in...
cord improves memory

Umbilical cord blood improves memory

A research study at University of Stanford tries to find out components in umbilical cord blood that can improve memory and learning in an...

Age never a limit to stem cell transplants!

Aging is just a natural process that happens to all of us. It is quite natural that at old age, people may experience health...

Discover the new fountain of youth: Stem Cells

Doctor’s claim that, unlike the usual anti-ageing procedures which have side-effects and are self-limited, stem cells buds into the science of anti-ageing as a...

A Shot of Stem cells can Salvage your Limb from Amputation!

Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), suffer from fat deposits that block the arteries causing a reduction in blood supply to the limbs. The reduced...

Look ‘Fat’abulous With Stem Cells

Aren’t you surprised, your body fat that always makes you upset, comes with supercells called stem cells? Yes, your fat isn’t just filler anymore;...

Stem cells treat inherited movement disorder-Huntington’s disease

Director of the University of California Dr. Jan Nolta says, stem cells when inserted into the brain of patients suffering from Huntington’s disease look...
treat inflammation sepsis

New factors found in Cord blood to treat inflammation & sepsis

Scientists from the University of Utah Health Sciences isolated a factor from cord blood of newborns that could help them develop a new drug...

Stem cells injected with Tattoo Ink can be monitored, non-invasively!

Dr. Margaret Cheng, a biomedical Engineering Professor from the University of Toronto, claims a revolutionizing discovery of tracing the course of injected stem cells...

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Parkinson’s disease

Stem cell clinical trials to combat Parkinson’s disease in humans bring good news!

Japanese researchers from Kyoto University ventured a remarkable trial on human brain after a successful trial to keep Parkinson’s disease in monkeys off, using...
fetal DNA

How fetal DNA sequencing can potentially reduce invasive diagnostic procedures

A NIH (National Institute of Health) review article reads that sequencing of foetal DNA in expectant mother’s blood may hold promises for modern genomic...