Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Clinical trials using stem cells to repair spinal cord injuries brings promises

American researchers have published in the “Journal of Stem Cells” the outcome of human phase 1 clinical trial using neural stem cells. The study...
Peripheral Arterial Disease

Stem cells show long-term success in the treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease

A study published in Stem Cell Translational Medicine (SCTM) showed that stem cells can be both safe and effective in the treatment of peripheral...
target chronic pain

Novel way to target chronic pain through stem cells

Today, regenerative medicine extends a new approach to manage chronic pain that brings active lifestyle to a grinding halt. Regenerative medicine introduces stem cells...
endometrial cancer

Stem cell treatment for endometrial cancer is the nearest future!

Endometrial cancer is a malignancy that affects the endometrial wall of the uterus. This tumour originates from the endometrium and spreads to other parts...
treating lungs

Treating lung injuries using stem cells

A research done at the University of Pennsylvania identifies that stem cells can repair the lungs ,the main organ of gas exchange. The scientists...

Alzheimer’s Disease – Umbilical Cord Blood Cells Could Be The Answer

Everybody would like to grow older with their family, grand children and loved ones near them as it fulfils their life. Imagine a world...

Good News! Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Help in Tackling Autism

Despite the well- known fact that clinical trials are underway for the treatment of Autism, the good news of improvement seen on recipients bring...
brain cancer

Stem cells can be your best weapon to fight brain cancer

In a series of successful experiments conducted at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, researchers have found the Stem Cells can be used as...

Studies Prove, Stem Cells to be Effective in the Treatment of Asthma

A team of scientists at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute has done a study involving a novel therapy that uses stem cells for the...

Stem cells break the routine of treating liver cirrhosis with liver transplants

A new study was conducted at National University Hospital at Singapore to offer hope to numerous patients who are fighting end-stage liver cirrhosis and...

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Balancing work and kids is never easy. A working mom should make a well sculpted daily schedule for herself to balance both home and...
Parkinson’s disease

Stem cell clinical trials to combat Parkinson’s disease in humans bring good news!

Japanese researchers from Kyoto University ventured a remarkable trial on human brain after a successful trial to keep Parkinson’s disease in monkeys off, using...
fetal DNA

How fetal DNA sequencing can potentially reduce invasive diagnostic procedures

A NIH (National Institute of Health) review article reads that sequencing of foetal DNA in expectant mother’s blood may hold promises for modern genomic...