early pregnancy

Common Myths about Pregnancy

We Indians generally show a special penchant towards superstition and speculation. Pregnancy is a phase when women draw a lot of attention from family...
myths on travelling

Debunking Myths on Traveling during Pregnancy

Travelling during pregnancy sometimes become inevitable, so a proper understanding of how to make your travel safe and comfortable is essential. The ideal time to...

What decides the skin colour of your baby?

In the Indian society, people fancy fair skin shades and many expectant parents want their child to look fair. Understanding the lurking mindset in every...
early signs of autism

Autism: Know its signs early and treat it early

Autism or Autism spectrum disorder as it is called, is a condition that is characterized by challenges such as compulsive behaviour, speaking disability, lack...
10 signs

Symptoms of Pregnancy: 10 Signs You Must Know

Are you eagerly waiting to become a mother and experience the joys of pregnancy? Here is a list of 10 pregnancy symptoms that you...
cord blood studies

Prenatal Diagnostic Tests For Chromosomal Abnormalities performed using in vitro culture

Prenatal diagnostic test such as QF-PCR which gives out 99.9% accurate and rapid results employ Chorionic villus sampling( CVS) in which a sample...
stem cell studies

Prenatal stem cell treatment promises cure for spina bifida

Researchers in UC Davis Health System have found that Spina Bifida can be effectively treated using stem cell therapy with surgery. Spina Bifida is a congenital disorder...

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! it’s a mom!!

Pregnancy and child birth can be momentous, at the same time overwhelming. Ask any mother -to- be waiting at the gynec’s and she will...

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Cord Blood Units proven effective than Bone Marrow Stem Cells in transplants

According to the research published in “The Journal Bone Marrow Transplants” The outcome of the research done at University of Colorado Cancer Center on Leukemia...

The Page 3 Pregnancy!

The whole country waited with bated breath when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan delivered. We welcomed Aaradhya Bachan amidst much aplomb. Konkona Sen, Kiran Rao, Lara...

Making power while the sun shines

Stem cells teach us the importance of renewal and we at LifeCell took a cue to become environment –friendly by using renewable energy. Here’s...