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The Facebook Star: LifeCell’s success story on Facebook

Today LifeCell has the largest fan base among stem cell banks in the world Recently, LifeCell’s position on Facebook was recognized by two independent media...
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Top reasons why 2 lakh parents trust us!

Having set a new milestone of 2 Lakh happy parents, we indeed extend our heartfelt gratitude to every customer for trusting us in preserving...
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How to choose the right stem cell bank?

Are you soon to have a little bundle of joy in the family and thinking about stem cell banking? In India, many parents show...
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Questions you need to ask about stem cell banking

Your little one comes into this world with lifesaving stem cells present inside the umbilical cord. Preserving these umbilical cord stem cells at birth is a...

How Are Stem Cells Preserved?

Is it not surprising to see newborn babies coming to this world with potential lifesavers in the form of stem cells packed in their...
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5 Steps Of Stem Cell Banking

When babies are born, they come to this world with super power that protects them from various medical conditions and provides a lifetime of...
LifeCell Bags the Regional Award

LifeCell Bags the Regional Award at Google SME Heroes Challenge

Google recognized and awarded LifeCell with the Regional Award for innovative use of internet to expand its business. LifeCell is the first company in...
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From the umbilical cord to the cryo-preserver – Part 2

In this multi-part series we will capture the journey of your baby’s precious stem cells from the time it reaches our lab, till it...
stem cell studies

Preserve your baby’s stem cells for a lifetime: LifeCell introduces Lifetime Storage Plan

In one of our earlier blog posts we had explored studies that determined the longevity of preserved stem cells. These studies do indicate that...
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For how long can my baby’s stem cells be preserved?

One of the biggest questions that expectant parents who are looking to preserve their child’s stem cells have is, ‘How long can cord blood...

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Cord Blood Units proven effective than Bone Marrow Stem Cells in transplants

According to the research published in “The Journal Bone Marrow Transplants” The outcome of the research done at University of Colorado Cancer Center on Leukemia...

The Page 3 Pregnancy!

The whole country waited with bated breath when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan delivered. We welcomed Aaradhya Bachan amidst much aplomb. Konkona Sen, Kiran Rao, Lara...

Making power while the sun shines

Stem cells teach us the importance of renewal and we at LifeCell took a cue to become environment –friendly by using renewable energy. Here’s...